Getting Started

Thanks for getting started with Project HELLO or Beyond HELLO!  We are excited to have you with us.

Beyond HELLO is the simple act of going beyond hello and exchanging a warm meal for genuine conversation.  If you decide to go beyond hello, and get to know a stranger, we hope you will share your story with us by clicking the link on our home page that says ‘Submit Your Stories’.

Project HELLO: Helping Everyone Locate Loved Ones is a school project where students make handmade greeting cards and then give the homeless the chance to write messages of love to friends or family they have lost touch with.  Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Invite elementary students from grades K-7 to make cards for you.  Everyone appreciates the art work of children.
  • When you are ready to head to the streets, make sure safety is your first concern
  • Travel in groups of no more than 4 teens / 1 adult
  • Make eye contact, say hello, and invite people to send a Christmas card or Mother’s Day card (or whatever occasion you are using)
  • Travel with some clip boards, paper, and big envelopes.  Use one big envelope per card. Use the outside of the envelope to capture critical information such as the name / possible address / possibly city / possible employer of the card recipient / possible phone number etc.
  • People that are homeless often lose dexterity from the cold.  Offer to write the card on their behalf if they wish.
  • Make sure you ask the person if there is a way for their family to reach them once they receive the card
  • Place the completed card inside the big envelope with any other papers or photos that you have.
  • Always ask permission before taking photographs or filming.
  • Use the big envelope for your search notes upon your return to school.
  • Use phone directories, social media, local services to help you search for the card recipients.
  • When you make a connection, ask how long it has been since they have been in touch.  Share information about who you are and why you are trying to help.
  • Always treat the homeless and their families with respect, kindness and compassion.
  • When you mail the cards, include an insert explaining the project, and inviting the recipient to email you with feedback for your students on what the card means to them.
  • If people do not wish to send a card, wish them well and carry on.
  • Travelling with back packs full of necessary goods such as water bottles, bananas or warm gloves helps break the ice and initiate conversation.
  • Remember to share your stories with us so we can share them through our blog and support one another as we participate in Project HELLO

Thank-you for your interest.   I am so glad you have chosen to GO BEYOND HELLO.


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