BEYOND HELLO – Now Available

Today is an exciting day. Our book has officially launched.  Beyond Hello tells the stories from ten years of conversation on the Downtown Eastside, Canada’s poorest neighborhood.  The proceeds from each book sold will buy a meal for someone living on the streets through A Better Life Foundation.  Thank you for supporting our work.  May we call connect with compassion.

Our book is available on,,, Langley and Coquitlam Indigo, Black Bond Books in Maple Ridge, and Westgate Flowers in Maple Ridge. I can be reached at and can deliver locally within the lower mainland.

For launch week, the digital (Kindle) version is available on Amazon for 99 cents (US) or $1.31 (CDN).

4 thoughts on “BEYOND HELLO – Now Available

  1. I have been reading your emails, telling your stories, for quite some time.

    Writing a book, donating the money back to buy a meal, is a great concept….just ordered!

  2. Hello 😊I just finished reading my sons copy of your book and wanted to thank you. I cried after every story. I have often felt a connection with our homeless in Maple Ridge but have only reached out with cash. Now I know that kind words go a long way as well.

    S. Huggon

  3. Hi Kristi… I just finished reading your book this morning (September 22nd) I bought it this summer in a gift store at Harrison Hot Springs while we tempted a holiday. It is such a valuable contribution you have made to the homeless situation in the Lower Mainland. I am a retired Kindergarten teacher from SD. 43. so I appreciate the way you have inspired kids to care for others.

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